About us

MiaBroccoli KIDS is a unique Girl and Unisex Toddler & Baby label.

Our Unisex range offers prints and styles that are easy to wear for girls and boys.  It has both “girlish” and “boyish” elements but it expresses the idea that deep down we all have qualities that are linked and shared. 

Our Girls range (which includes everything we make) is designed to express that girls are made of far better things than sugar and spice!  We are not the whimsical fairies we are presumed to be (although we reserve the right to express ourselves just so if we choose!) 
We are strong, fierce, intelligent, unrelenting, passionate and beautiful creatures.  We come in different shapes and sizes right from the start and we need to build a generation that celebrates our differences and revels in our sense of adventure.  We can be anything we choose, we can go where we want to go.  We can forge our own paths.

So whether you are a boy or girl, let’s rail against the quiet life of blending in! Let's express ourselves!  Let's be MiaBroccoli Kids!